Hi, my name is Ast and this is my sketch/art blog. I'm mostly self-taught, so excuse me my shitty art non-professionalism.
匿名 said: How do u art?



I was bored sitting at work yesterday and I was feeling angry, because lately my ship Chillywilly crashed into a rock, so I made this. lol 
I used sculpture ‘Heracles and Nessus’ by Giambologna (one of my favourite sculptures of all time, btw) as reference. 

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Np at all n_n I like your stuff too!

The Omen / Damien

Detail of the work I’m trying to finish the last few weeks ._.

I can’t draw neck ok bye

(Lee Soo Hyuk /  이수혁)


I’ve noticed that I got some followers with artistic aptitudes, so thank you and let me know if you want me to follow you back. ♡

working on this piece now, though i don’t have a motivation to finish it. sigh